The Bottom Line
Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sloppy Joe's honors Alden

Sloppy Joe's recently presented the Jean Klausing Award to Employee of the Month Jon Alden, who is part of the Sloppy Joe's security team.

He was recognized for his outstanding performance and dedication to his work.

Mariners Hospital salutes employees

Mariners Hospital recently recognized employees who celebrated major service anniversaries during a special ceremony hosted by hospital administration. Hospital CEO Rick Freeburg presented certificates to the anniversary celebrants.

Pictured are Jennifer Wilson, 10 years; Jamie Niedbalski, 10 years; Nancy Vihlen, 15 years; Sharon Detweiler, 10 years; Beth Dunlap, 15 years; Candy Fincke, 15 years; Marilyn Ayala, 10 years; Denise Cone, 10 years; Lesia Manzo, five years; Lani Blackwell, 10 years; CEO Rick Freeburg; and Sheila Konczewski, 10 years.

Other employees who celebrated service anniversaries but are not pictured include Ursula Harricharran, 35 years; Gary Someillan, 25 years; Donna Bedo and Alcius Tannelus, 20 years; Michael Carlisle, Kim-Sue Hough, Marie Moore, Hernando Pava, Martha Sanders, and Peggy Siik, 15 years; Terry Armstrong, Joel Francis, Diane Griste, Jennifer Kyle, Arlene Line, Nicki Morely, Leslie Roy, and Teresita Verdon, 10 years; Rene Barriga, Carlos Benitez, Geralda Brignolle, Paul Hann, Sue Ellen Langhorne, Leisa Manzo, Jacqueline Mendoza, Kathi Merriman, Colleen Olszewski, Rod Parson, Linda Petek, Mandi Smith, Dawn White, and Marlene Young, five years.